Basic Goals for this Common Information Encoding Scheme.

These are the goals of my proposal for a new information encoding scheme:

  1. Natural and general encoding, including
    1. characters
    2. numerics
    3. binary data
    4. etc.?
  2. Straightforward parse:
    1. As much as possible, codepoints for similar types should be together.
    2. Provide ways to avoid spoofing by similar glyphs.
    3. Provide simple, balanced, and effective byte-oriented compression.
  3. Generality:
    1. Include all languages, if possible.
    2. Make similar symbols from various languages compatible.
    3. Provide ways to embed legacy encodings.
    4. Provide natural means of extension.

These are grand ambitions. I am aware of that. I understand that I’m pushing ahead where smarter people would turn back. I guess I have a small stubborn streak.

reiisi について

Joel Rees is a sometimes English teacher and sometimes programmer working and living with his family in Japan. ジョエルリースという者は場合によって英語講師、場合によってプログラマです。家族と共に日本に住んでいて、日本で仕事をしています。 You can find some of my projects at ボクのプロジェクトのいくらかを and 及び にてご覧いただけます。
カテゴリー: Common Information Encoding Scheme -- 情報記号枠組み パーマリンク


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